Communication is as important as any part of a City Council member's job.
It's one of the things I work at improving every day.
You can reach me or find out what I'm up to in a variety of ways.
  • (email's a particularly good way to reach me)
  • Facebook: I try to keep VoteWarner up-to-date with posts about what's happening in and around Hyattsville and links to interesting articles.
  • Community Events: If there's something going on in Hyattsville, there's a good chance I'm there. Come and talk to me!
  • Phone: (202) 661-6082 (I'm not a phone person by inclination, but perhaps you are)
  • Photos: Photography is one of my passions and I take a lot of pictures. If you'd like to see day-to-day life in Hyattsville or what I've been up to lately, feel free to peruse my Flickr photostream or collections.
  • Books: I'm a voracious reader. If you're looking for insight into what I'm learning about or how I'm nourishing my imagination, check out my Goodreads page.
  • Knitting: For any knitters out there, I'm on Ravelry too.